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Tableau Online Training

Tableau online Training

What is Tableau?

Tableau is a unique visual analytical tool helpful in simplifying the huge/complex data into the readable & understandable format. It is being adapted by most of the business sectors these days for its easy to use and instant result orientation quality.

Tableau is one of the most effective data visual tools that enables the organizations to represent the data in a more comprehensive and understandable formats.Rvh technologies providing tableau online training for low cost fees price from india/Hyderbad.Tableau online training banglore usa very affordanble price.

Why Tableau

Tableau is an outstanding BI and analytical tool available in the market, which is high in demand for its exceptional visualization abilities.
Tableau is taking over the market gradually due to its unique and unmatched quality of just drag and drop the data, and generating the huge and innumerable visual reports with in no time.
Its additional features include:
Direct bifurcation of dimensions and measures and
Displaying of data in neat and clear way through maps.
Qlik is more flexible in terms of data management but it lacks some attractive UI.
It helps in the organizational development and achievement of goals for the business firms.


  • Tableau Training Course Content Details
  • Tableau Desktop Online Training
  • Introduction and Getting Started
  • Tableau desktop role in the tableau product line
    Application terminology
    View terminology
    Data terminology
    Visual cues for fields
    Best Practices in Connecting to Data
  • Working with metadata
    Working with connections
    Live Connection
    Extract Connection
    Refresh & Converting live connection to Extract Connection Refresh & Converting Extract connection to Live Connection
    Establishing connections with other databases MS Access, Oracle, Sql Server
    Working With Measures and Dimensions
  • Individual axis
    Blended axis
    Dual axis
    Combinational Charts
    Working with Mark Card (Color, Size, label) with sceneries
    Default properties of Dimensions and measures
    Discrete and Continuous
    Conversion of Dimension to measures and vice versa
    Working with Data types
    Working with Actions and Filters in Worksheet
  • Communicating sheets with Action filters
    Redirecting to other Statics URL, Dynamic URL, Folders with Action URL
    Action Highlight
  • Data source Level Filters
    Worksheet level Filters
    Appling filters at worksheet level (Header, Bar, Mark card)
    Working with Filter shelf with examples (General, wildcard, Condition, Top) Quick Filters (Single select, Multiselect, Wild card Select)
    Making filters dependent with Context Filters Applying static, dynamic and calculated Filters
    Sharing Filters
    Working with Maps, WMS Server, GEO Coding
  • Creating Symbol maps
    Creating filled maps in different methods
    Creating dual Axis map with examples
    Working with map options
    Working with WMS servers and converting to TMS
    Identifying a particular place latitude and longitude
    Working with Geo Coding
    Building Visualizations
  • Working with bar charts, stacked and side by side bars
    Working with line, Area, Circle views and combination charts, pie charts
    Working with Text tables, Highlight tables, Heat Maps, Tree Maps and pie charts
    Working with Scatter Plots, Bins histograms, Box and whisker Plot
    Working with Gantt views, Bullet graphs, Packed Bubbles.
    Working with shapes and marks
    Building Custom Calculations and Parameters
  • Overview of calculations and trigonometric functions
    Manipulating string, date calculations, window functions.
    Calculations and aggregations
    Dynamic calculations
    Logic statements (grand totals, sub-totals)
    Creating quick table calculations and Table calculations
    Creating parameters and using in customizing calculations

Highlights of Qlikview Course

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