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CCNA Online Training

CCNA Online Training:

CCNA Online Training from india:


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CCNA online training Course Content:

Cisco Training - CCNA Course Contents
Introduction to Wide Area Networks
Internetwork Operating System (IOS)
IP Routing (Static & Dynamic)
LAN Switching
IPv4 & IPv6
Virtual Private Network - VPN
Redundancy Protocols
Network monitoring tools
Cisco Express Forwarding
Network Device Security
WAN Technologies
Cisco Training - CCNA Course Details
Operation of IP Data Networks
Functions of Routers, Switches, Bridges and Hubs
OSI and TCP/IP models
Data flow between two hosts across a network
LAN Switching Technologies
Identify basic switching concepts
-Types of Switching
-Collision / Broadcast Domains
-CAM Table
Configure and verify initial switch configuration
Switch operation (ping, telnet and ssh)
Identify enhanced switching technologies
-Ether channels
Configure and verify VLANs / Trunking
-DTP / Auto negotiation
Configure and verify PVSTP operation
-Root bridge election / STP Modes
IP Routing Technologies
Describe basic routing concepts
- C E F
- Packet forwarding
- Router lookup process
Describe the boot process of Cisco IOS routers
Configure and verify basic Router configuration
Configure and verify interface (serial and Ethernet)
Configure and verify Static & Default routing
Manage Cisco IOS Files
- Boot preferences / Cisco IOS image(s)
- Licensing
Differentiate methods of routing and routing protocols
- Static vs. Dynamic
- Link state vs. Distance Vector
- Administrative distance
Configure and verify OSPF (single area)
- Benefit of single area
- neighbor adjacencies
- OSPF states, Multi area
- Configure OSPF v2 & OSPF v3
- Router ID, Passive interface, LSA types
Configure and verify EIGRP (single AS)
- Feasible Distance / Feasible Successors
- Administrative distance
- Feasibility condition
- Metric composition
- Router ID, Auto summary, Path selection
- Load balancing (Equal & Unequal)
- Passive interface
InterVLAN routing (Router on a stick)
- sub interfaces, encapsulation
Configure SVI interfaces
IP Services
Configure and verify DHCP (IOS Router)
- Configuring router interfaces to use DHCP
- DHCP options
- Excluded addresses, Lease time
ACL (Types, Features & Applications of ACLs)
- Standard, Extended, Named & Numbered
- Log option
Configure and verify ACL
Identify the basic operation of NAT
- Purpose, Pool, Static, 1 to 1 & Overloading
- Source addressing & One way NAT
Configure and verify NAT
Configure and verify NTP as a client
Recognize High availability (FHRP, VRRP, HSRP & GLBP)
Configure and verify Syslog.
Describe SNMP v2 & v3
IP addressing (IPv4 / IPv6)
Private and public IP addresses for IPv4
IPv6 addressing scheme
IPv4 addressing scheme using VLSM and summarization
IPv6 in conjunction with IPv4 such as (dual stack)
Describe IPv6 addresses
- Global unicast
- Multicast
- Link local
- Unique local
- eui 64
- auto configuration
Network Device Security
Configure and verify network device security
- Enable secret vs enable
- Disable telnet
- SSH / VTYs
- Physical security
- Service password
Configure and verify Switch Port Security
- Sticky MAC / MAC address limitation
- Static / dynamic
- Violation modes(Err disable/Shutdown)
- Protect restrict
- Err disable recovery
Identify and correct common network problems
Utilize netflow data
Troubleshoot and Resolve VLAN problems
- Identify that VLANs are configured
- port membership correct
- IP address configured
Troubleshoot and Resolve trunking problems
- correct trunk states
- correct encapsulation configured
- correct vlans allowed
Troubleshoot and Resolve STP
- Root switch
- Priority
- Mode is correct
- Port states
Troubleshoot and Resolve routing issues
- Routing is enabled
- Routing table is correct
- Correct path selection
Troubleshoot and Resolve OSPF problems
- Neighbor advances
- Hello and Dead timers
- OSPF area
- Interface MTU
- Network types
- Neighbor states
- OSPF topology database
Troubleshoot and Resolve EIGRP problems
- Neighbor adjancies
- AS number
- Load balancing
Troubleshoot and Resolve interVLAN
- Connectivity
- Encapsulation
- Subnet
- Native VLAN
- Port mode trunk status
Troubleshoot and Resolve ACL issues
- Statistics, Permitted networks, Direction
Troubleshoot and Resolve WAN implementation issues
- Serial interfaces, PPP, Frame relay
Monitor NetFlow statistics
Troubleshoot etherchannel problems
WAN Technologies
Identify different WAN Technologies
- Metro Ethernet, VSAT, Cellular 3G & 4G
- ISDN, DSL, Frame relay, MPLS, VPN & Cable
Configure and verify Frame Relay on Cisco routers

And Many more concepts……………………………..